Assistant president / Assistant General Manager

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Job description:

1) Assist the general manager to complete daily work, coordinate the communication between the general manager and each department, and provide necessary information services for the general manager;

2) Organize and prepare company meetings, arrange meeting agenda, prepare meeting documents, make meeting minutes, and take the initiative to master the implementation of relevant resolutions;

3) Sort out and arrange the work schedule of the general manager, and timely remind:

A. Remind the general manager of the daily work arrangement (attend the meeting, meet with the guests, etc.); if there are new items, record them in the schedule in time and remind them in time;

B. Appointment and reception of company visitors;

C. According to the travel itinerary of the general manager, book the air tickets, arrange the pick-up, accommodation, and prepare the documents and materials required for the travel;

4) Actively complete all tasks assigned by the general manager, be responsible for sorting out all kinds of materials and documents of the general manager, keeping and filing them by category;

5) Responsible for the general manager's external contact, call, visit record and etiquette, and cooperate with the general manager in handling external public relations (government, important customers, etc.);

6) Responsible for the approval and distribution management of the company's various documents submitted to the general manager;

7) Complete all tasks temporarily arranged by the general manager.


1. College degree or above, with some professional knowledge of secretary office, familiar with the use of office software and daily office equipment;

2. Work carefully, good at communicating with people, strong executive ability; work conscientiously and meticulously, strong organization, have keen insight, can bear high-intensity work pressure;

4. Good language and writing skills, strong ability of organization, coordination, communication, interpersonal communication and social activities;

5. Fluent in English, overseas study experience is preferred;

6. Good image and temperament, with a certain design background is preferred, married with children is preferred.

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